Friday, November 5, 2010

School/Library Talks and Signing Sessions-Vancouver Island and the Mainland

Vancouver Island Travel

I have had many requests to visit schools and libraries. If a school or library orders one book I will come there if compensated for my travel costs also.
Rather than receiving a cheque for travel, I offer schools and libraries the opportunity to cover my costs through buying a few more books-generally one or two if near Nanaimo, more if the community is further away due to fuel costs.
This payment plan for travel results in schools and libraries getting books for their money rather than just writing out a cheque for my travel.

Travel on the Mainland

This is negotiable. Ferry costs, to and from Nanaimo would need to be calculated into the cost. So would the cost of a motel/hotel if I cannot return to Nanaimo the same day due to ferry schedules.