Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Satires on the Way

I am presently writing a book of satirical short stories on subjects ranging from the poor Unkranian immigrant who felt her culture was being attacked in Parlaiment to swine flu and a filthy barnyard election won by a drunken 1,200 pound Yorkshire pig. The huge pig becomes the Prime Minister and makes comments like, "How can you question my ethics if I don't have any", "we have evolved well beyond the need for accountability", and "I have never seen a ballot box I didn't want to stuff." This pig gives a whole new meaning to the terms "pork barreling" and "hogwash".
Then there is Dr. Burrows, a badger with a doctorate from the International School of Badgering (not to be confused with the University of Wisconsin badgers)who sees kickbacks, graft and corruption in the building trades as a normal part of doing business. Burrows attack on a couple of beavers who have failed to get building permit to make their dam shows how petty and power hungry some municipal officials can be. If you enjoy a good laugh this is a book you will want to read.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ishigaq Trilogy – Book 3 now available!

The third book in the Ishigaq trilogy for teens, Ishigaq: Following Nipster's Dream is now available for purchase!

Book #3: Ishigaq: Following Nipster’s Dream
Author: Andy Sibbald
Illustrator: Nipi Sibbald
Cost: $11.95
Shipping: $2.50

Same price in CAD/US $'s

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ishigaq Trilogy – Book 2 now available!

Book #2: Ishigaq: Nipster’s Magical Cane
Author: Andy Sibbald
Illustrator: Alicia Vanin
Cost: $11.95
Shipping: $2.50
Tax: $0

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Second Book in Ishigaq Trilogy Coming Soon

The second book in the Ishigaq trilogy will be printed in September 2011. This story involves two young girls going on a quest with Her Allness Nipster to learn what they will need to know as women. The girls learn about things ranging from their moon cycles to how to navigate using the snow, stars and outcroppings.

Early in the story Wendy (a Big Person) steps on the Ishigaq underground colony throwing the Ishigaq into crisis as their colony begins to cave in. Her Allness Nipster uses her magical cane to shrink Wendy to save the colony. When her cane is later stolen by the Big People, Her Allness Nipster has no ability to return Wendy to her former size because she has lost her magical powers. The magical cane is critical to the lives of the Little People and they must retrieve it at all costs, even if the Big People are six times taller than their 30 cm height.

Through this story young teens will learn about the harm caused by stereotyping, some of the implications of global warming for people in the arctic, working cooperatively with others, living on the land, and respect for the animals and environment.