Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Satires on the Way

I am presently writing a book of satirical short stories on subjects ranging from the poor Unkranian immigrant who felt her culture was being attacked in Parlaiment to swine flu and a filthy barnyard election won by a drunken 1,200 pound Yorkshire pig. The huge pig becomes the Prime Minister and makes comments like, "How can you question my ethics if I don't have any", "we have evolved well beyond the need for accountability", and "I have never seen a ballot box I didn't want to stuff." This pig gives a whole new meaning to the terms "pork barreling" and "hogwash".
Then there is Dr. Burrows, a badger with a doctorate from the International School of Badgering (not to be confused with the University of Wisconsin badgers)who sees kickbacks, graft and corruption in the building trades as a normal part of doing business. Burrows attack on a couple of beavers who have failed to get building permit to make their dam shows how petty and power hungry some municipal officials can be. If you enjoy a good laugh this is a book you will want to read.

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