Thursday, August 9, 2018

It seems like ages ago I wrote the Ishigaq Trilogy for teens. This trilogy is set in the arctic and follows the adventures of people thirty centimetres tall as they encounter nasty weather, ferocious animals and the challenges of family and community and community life. This book was reviewed by some aboriginal people and a couple of anthropologists and all gave the trilogy a thumbs up!
Then I wrote "Grease My Hooves: Politics in Canada. With this book of short stories about dirty politics involving pigs, the creation of Ms. Stinky occurred. This 1200 pound glue sniffing, beer guzzling criminal somehow becomes the Mayor of Victoria, BC Canada and can't wait to get her snout into the public trough. As she succinctly comments after being charged in the Beacon Hill Heavy Petting Zoo for unspecified indiscretions, " ethics are for pussies". She is a proud member of the cities lowest common denominator and blames the Department of Transportation for impaired driving, "because nowhere in the damn Driver's Learning Manual does it tell swine how to drive drunk even though everybody does it. I sound that I liked Ms. Stinky so much that I would create a series about her and our wonderful city and those around it. I don't know what I liked most about Ms. Stinky, her hoggish lack of manners, her ability to make a comment that made a turnip look like an intelligent life form or the endless wisdom she possesses due to spending the best ten years of her life in grade four. One things led to another and I have created a series of books involving animals but mainly pigs.
These books are as follows,

1. Ms. Stinky Does Esquimalt
2. Uncle Ponzi: The Oaf of Oak Bay
3. The Quack of Quadra Village
4. The Langford Lush
5. The Jackass of James Bay
6. "Foxy" Visits Mongolia
7. The Dockside Green Dummy
8.Ms. Stinky Goes to the Slammer7. Luna Tick: The Witch of Vic West
9. Luna Tick: The Witch of Vic West
10. The Fernwood Fanatic
11. The Greater Esquimalt Drunken Seagulls
12. Ms. Stinky Visits Asia

I am working on the thirteenth book in the series, 'Ms. Stinky Gets a Job'

Meanwhile, life had been going on  and I met a wonderful young Chinese lady who was lost in Victoria. She was on an exchange trip to UBC from Nanjing University. To make a long story short, she invited me to China and I went to Nanjing and she helped me with everything where I would encounter language problems otherwise. I took some photos of Kitty (real name Wen) when I was in China. I came home and wrote a book about our friendship titled, 'Wen Shen: The Queen of Wu Kang', put her picture on the cover and went back, and went back to China and gave her some books with her picture on the cover. The book is about friendship and celebrating diversity, rather than using it to divide and as a justification for hate and other stupidity.
So I guess I have been busy. I cannot write and do the business side of writing at the same time so my blogs get dated etc. Feel free to contact me at If you wish to buy books, you can do do so at www. Sibbald